Innovation In Drywall Delivery

The all-in-one drywall delivery tool designed to improve safety and efficiency, and reduce costs.

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  • Improves Efficiency

    Save 30 to 60 minutes delivering to multi-family buildings, on average by enabling crews to fully load carts with the confidence the wheels won't punch through the OSB.

  • Easy-to-use

    Carries in a compact suitcase like design with handles -- unfolds 5xs the carrying
    size and takes only seconds to lay out and pick back up.

  • Improves Safety

    Eliminates the risk of loaded carts tipping over from wheels puncturing the OSB plywood
    floors – Combat Mat™ can support any drywall size and weight put on drywall carts.

  • Durability

    The ballistic nylon ensures the bottom side of the Combat Mat withstands heavy abuse from being dragged across nails, utility blades and other common scrap left around job sites. 

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Introducing the Combat Mat™

Easy To Carry, Unfolds in Seconds

Unlike plywood sheets, the Combat Mat™ can be folded up and carried to where you need to be.

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Weak Floors, No Problem.

The Combat Mat™ supports full cart loads of the heaviest drywall - and only weighs 35 pounds. Keeping carts going where they need to go and your crew safe. No wheels punching through OSB.

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Cart on Soft Surfaces

Push carts over sand, gravel, uneven transitions, cords, and much more. Increaseing efficiency and safety.

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About Combat Construction Safety Products

Humble Beginnings, A Family Business, and Innovation

  • It All Started In Our Garage...

    We started from our garage and made the entrepreneurial leap on credit cards and a beaten down truck. Sales only came from long hours of cold calling and product demos. With no money to pay for plane tickets driving was the only option. It didn’t matter how many states away we had to drive, we knew product demos were the best way to get our name out there. Our product, Combat Mat™, now sells nationwide, and we have more innovative products coming soon.

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