What is Combat Mat™

What is Combat Mat™

Innovation in Drywall Delivery

The Combat Mat is the first high impact floor reinforcer in drywall delivery. It's designed around the end-user, and makes the job easier, not harder.


“…every boom truck should carry 2 to 3 Combat Mats. It enables your crews to stay safe and work productively on weak floors.”

Robert, Safety Manager


Combat Mat makes safety efficient. Using our product will save you 30 to 60 minutes of stocking time on jobs with weak floors. It works by preventing cart wheels from puncturing the OSB, and it even increases the amount of drywall you can put on a cart. Instead of doing 3 or 4 bundles at a time, try doing 8 or 9 with Combat Mat. 


“It saved us about an hour. It was taking us 3 carts per lift and with the Combat Mats it only took 2 carts. That’s less traveling time and way more stocking time.”

Jose - operator at Suncoast, Orlando, FL



The Combat Mats is carried like a briefcase with a handle and unfolds to 10.5' in seconds. Why make delivering drywall harder than it needs to be? You don't have to scavenge for scrap materials or lug around a 4'x8' piece of plywood to reinforce floors.



Combat Mat is manufactured with ballistic nylon, a material used back in WWII to protect soldiers in battle. When the job is done you can be rest assured you'll reuse our product for the years to come.



Built with strong materials and great people. Combat Mat can withstand any jobsite condition, and even has an anti-slip walking surface for rain and snow conditions. 

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