Case Study: Effective Use of Combat Mat

Case Study: Effective Use of Combat Mat


In our industry we run into many cases where we get chargebacks from damaging doors and transitions. We also often have to find or bring scrap materials to lay over transitions just so we can cart the drywall. All of this wastes time, effort, and money all while making our customers unhappy.

Clifford is an operations manager at Meridian Drywall who has experienced this challenge of damaging door thresholds and not being able to successfully cart over transitions on job sites. Clifford decided to invest in Combat Mat which has saved him thousands of dollars in chargebacks and increased efficiency. 

  • Increase Efficiency
  • Reduce Number of Chargebacks
  • Increase Employee Morale

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“For a long time one of my biggest issues was rolling our heavy carts over door thresholds without damaging them. Our short term solution was to find some material and cut it to size then cover the thresholds with whatever we had, which was mostly scrap OSB found on jobsites. While it did work most of the time, we still had issues like going through the subfloor with the cart casters once we made it over the threshold.

The Combat Mat is the perfect solution! Not only does it protect the threshold itself but also provides a bit of a runway once inside the house.

Another place it has been used for is going through doorways at an angle like on exterior corridors for apartment buildings. We lay one down across the bottom for threshold protection but then stand one up on its side to protect the door jamb from the cart rubbing on it. It has saved our company thousands of dollars in damages in the first year alone plus my guys (myself included) love using them."

- Cliff Uhl, Meridian Drywall Supply


Direct Cost Savings

Cliff was able to save thousands of dollars in only 1 year which more than pays for multiple Combat Mats itself.

Time Saved on Job

By not having to find and cut scrap materials, plus being able to confidently load more drywall per cart, Cliff saved and can continue to save 30-60 minutes per job site.

Happy Employees and Customers

Cliff and his guys love using the Combat Mat, but most importantly the increased efficiency and taking out the hassle of finding scrap materials just to do a job has increased employee morale tremendously. Customers are happy their property isn’t being damaged and employees are able to deliver more drywall efficiently. 


Combat Mat is an innovative solution that has a multitude of uses that saves you money, increases job site efficiency, increases safety, improves employee morale, and much more. For more information contact us at 614-353-0196 or visit our website.

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