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Combat Construction Safety Products

Combat Mat™ Patent Pending

Combat Mat™ Patent Pending

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Combat Matis a high-impact floor reinforcer for drywall delivery. It's been nicknamed the Swiss Army Knife of Delivery, Combat Mat is a multi-purpose solution for safety, efficiency and jobsite protection. Combat Mat is easy-to-use, reusable for years, and extremely durable. See the photos for SOME examples on how our customers use Combat Mat.

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    Customer Reviews

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    Combat Mat™ is an all-in-one drywall delivery tool that solves several safety and efficiency problems. All while being easy-to-use, reusable and extremely durable.


    1. Easy-to-use 

    Combat Mat™ conveniently carries like a briefcase and unfolds 5xs the carrying size in seconds. The compact carrying design is the hassle-free solution you need to improve both efficiency and safety when delivering heavy materials on plywood floors. Combat Mat™ is perfect for job sites where the structural integrity of the plywood flooring is compromised from rain, snow, humidity and more.

    2. Reusability

    When the job is done simply fold the mats back up and bring them to the next jobsite. They stack easy on pallets — perfect for loading and unloading on the boom truck.

    3. Durability

    Combat Mat™ is designed to be as long lasting and user friendly as possible. We have chosen several high-performance materials to give you peace of mind with your purchase.



    ·  Carrying size: 24” x 35” x 1.25"

    ·  Unfolded: 10’6” x 35”x 3/16” thick

    ·  Weight: 35bs

    Bulk Orders

    If You're Wanting to Order More Than 15, Reach Out to or reach out via our Contact Us page.

    Shipping Details

    Depending on how many you purchase, Combat Mat™ will either be shipped in individual boxes or on a pallet. If you'd like to talk more about placing an order, contact us.

    What Our Customers Are Saying

    • “…every boom truck should carry 2 to 3 Combat Mats."

      “…every boom truck should carry 2 to 3 Combat Mats. It enables your crews to stay safe and work productively on weak floors.”

      Robert, Safety Manager at Tamarack Materials

    • “It saved us about an hour"

      “It saved us about an hour. It was taking us 3 carts per lift and with the Combat Mats it only took 2 carts. That’s less traveling time and way more stocking time”. 

      Jose, Operator at Suncoast Building Materials

    • Couldn't Leave Without It

      “One of our trucks drove 30 minutes to a job and turned around because they left the Combat Mats in the warehouse. It was this day I knew we would be using these for most of our jobs”

      Jerad Comer, Logisitcs Coordinator at United Building Materials

    • "The Swiss Army Knife for drywall delivery"

      "If you get creative, Combat Mats are like the Swiss Army Knife for drywall delivery".

      Scott Hewitt - Regional Safety Manager at Gypsum Management & Supply