Storage and Handling Instructions

Combat Mat™ is an extremely durable product, but it’s not indestructible. Check out the in-field video to get an idea of what Combat Mat can do for you. Then take a few minutes to become familiar with the storage and handling instructions to get the most out of your purchase.

• Combat Mat™ should be stored flat on a pallet or in a custom boom truck attachment that follows the proceeding guidelines.
• Store Combat Mat™ away from rain, snow and ice. While Combat Mat™ can be used in these conditions it should not be directly exposed to the elements for prolonged periods of time.
• Combat Mat™ is best used when dry. Using the Combat Mat™ when wet may increase risk of accidents and injury.
• Do not use Combat Mat™ when it’s below 0°F or above 120°F. The high-impact panels may be prone to cracking when the core temperature is below 0°F, and may be more likely to warp at temperatures greater than 120°F.
• Do not store Combat Mat™ where the panels can flex. If the panels are bent for too long it may cause warping. Warping may compromise the safe use of Combat Mat™. Also, if the high-impact panels do warp they may or may not return to the original flat design.
• Do not use Combat Mat™ if the fabric has ice on it. Ice increases risk of slipping, product damage and could lead to product failure.
• Do not bridge gaps with Combat Mat™. The Combat Mat™ is a floor reinforcer, meaning it’s put on top of weak floors to increase PSI strength.

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