All-In-One Drywall Delivery Product

All-In-One Drywall Delivery Product

The Swiss Army Knife of Drywall Delivery

The Combat Mat makes delivering drywall on weak floors as efficient as concrete floor deliveries. But, what else can Combat Mat do besides prevent injuries and save hours of time every day?

"If you get creative, Combat Mats are like the Swiss Army Knife for drywall delivery".

Scott Hewitt - Regional Safety Manager at Gypsum Management & Supply

“These mats could replace the aluminum ramps we always buy. The ramps either get too bent up or they get lost. We are constantly replacing them”.

Ivan Svetahor, Regional Safety Manager at GMS


Additional Combat Mat Perks

Works on Gravel, Mud, Sand and Grass

The high impact panels lays over softer surfaces giving the drywall cart a hardened surface to roll over.

Protects Door Frames

Combat Mats folding design gives you options to protect any surface. Use it to wrap around finished doorways to put a barrier between the metal cart and the trim. Your customers will thank you for it. 

 Works Over Wires and Cables

Stop cleaning up and moving wires and cables. You can lay Combat Mat on top of wires and cables up to 1" in diameter.

Acts as a Transition Ramp

Combat Mats patent pending design gives you flexibility in how you use it. You can replace metal ramps with Combat Mat for transitions up to 2 inches.

Avoid Costly Charge Backs & Strengthens Customer Relationships

Customers notice when you go above and beyond to protect their jobsite. Have you ever been billed by a GC for putting a hole through the floor? You can avoid the hassle and awkwardness of all that with Combat Mat. 

Greatly Improves Employee Morale

Combat Mat stops inefficiency at the source. Like not being able to fully load carts, or having a cart tip over. If your stockers get paid by the square foot, then Combat Mat will increase their paycheck by a substantial amount. 

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