Bottlenecks in Drywall Delivery

95% of The Issue is Getting Out of the First Room

You waste 30 to 60 minutes every job you partially load carts. 95% of the issue can be resolved if you have Combat Mats in two areas. 

Common Spots to Reinforce Flooring

OSB is normally strong, but the repetition of heavy carts rolling over the same spots softens the OSB and prevents us from continually loading full carts. You should have a Combat Mat at the pull-in area and the doorway area leaving the room in order to save yourself significant time and money.

Pull-in Spot

Where we load the drywall onto the carts. We set up the cart in the same spot and it causes the floor to soften. If you support this area with a Combat Mat you can effectively deliver full carts of drywall every day for however long you're there.

Leaving the Pull-in Area

The first turn, exiting the pull-in room. This area experiences the same amount of damage as the pull-in spot. We recommend using 2 Combat Mats here to effectively reinforce the entire area. 


Random areas in hallways can be weaker than other areas. It's not as common, but if you have floor issues in hallways it would be best to have a couple extra Combat Mats in storage just in case. One Combat Mat is 10.5' long so it should cover whatever area is giving you problems. 

Combat Mat used for longer linear foot coverage needs.

What happens if the Entire Hallway Needs Reinforced?

Unfortunately, there's nothing much you can do to prevent the damage of an entire hallway. That issue normally occurs from heavy rain exposure, snow or humidity. Combat Mat would solve the issue and make delivering drywall much easier for these types of jobs, but it's a cash heavy investment. The investment pays for itself rather quickly in states like Colorado, but we are unsure of the ROI for every state. If you do enough multi-family jobs and the hallways are giving you problems it might be worth reaching out to us.

How Many Combat Mats Should I Buy?

In general we recommend 3 Combat Mats for every boom truck. It's a great way to make deliveries more efficient, and it keeps your stocking crews safe and happy. 


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